10 Websites every developer should bookmark.

10 Websites every developer should bookmark.

10 websites for developers

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·Mar 30, 2021·

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Being a self-taught developer in 2021 is really hard, where you find thousands of boot camps, tutorials running around and I know a lot of people getting lost in the trap of courses and bootcamps.

Here is a list of 10 must-bookmark websites, to help you grow as a self-taught developer.

1. Github


Github is a place for open source repositories and is the place where awesome tools are built-in public.

2. FreeCodeCamp


FreeCodeCamp is where you learn skills to become a self-taught developer, where they provide blogs, tutorials on almost everything required as a developer.

3. Hacker News


Hacker News is a website where people submit links and have interesting discussions around them. Most of the submissions are related to Silicon Valley, Entrepreneurship, and Tech.

4. Udemy


Udemy is one of the biggest video tutorial websites in the world. It has amazing tutorials on almost every tech-related topic.

5. Hackernoon


Hackernoon is an awesome place for developers with awesome blogs, news, and all related to tech.

6. Leetcode


The best place to learn and practice Data structures and algorithms is leetcode on the web a must-try one.

7. StackOverflow


Stuck in a problem or a bug? StackOverflow the issue and you will surely make it out from the bug.

8. Glassdoor


The place you can review your job, and view the reviews about the companies also they have salary mentioned, and look for jobs/ offers.

9. Linkedin


The best way to make effective connections, and find a job is Linkedin, must try for developers.

10. Product Hunt


Got a product to launch? try product hunt where you can launch your product and try other launched products.

This is the list of the top 10 must-try sites as a developer.

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